"My work is very visual and edgy contemporary art. I like to combine different dance forms, physical theatre and media art. Themes that I like to work with are human behaviour and social connections. My art is my way to deal with the life that I experience. I'm interested in irrationality that I feel every day. In my creative process I go towards unknown, as it fascinates me."

Milla Virtanen
is a Finnish dancer and choreographer who got a professional degree from Fontys Dansacademie in the Netherlands in 2008. At Fontys she specialized in dance theatre. Before her contemporary dancer career she was the Finnish champion three times in Latin American couple dancing. Since 2007 she has created 16 dance theatre performances that have been performed in 12 countries around the world.

In her dance theatre performances Milla has collaborated with dancers and performers from Taiwan, Ivory Coast, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Finland.

Currently Milla is working on as a director for Oulu2026 European Capital of Culture project Bang Bang Riviera, a choreographer for Oulu City Theatre play The Wizard of Oz and a performer for Flow Productions immersive performance Nighttown.