"Union of Dark and Colourful humour"
"Horror and humour are united with balance and tickle in Milla Virtanen's Kolmen näytöksen tragedia (Tragedy with Three Plays)."... "Pallid masked Helmi Järvensivu and Atte Hård roll around the stage and entangle in colourful fabrics as pioneers of Dada."... "At times, the border between performer and object diffuses, as in Terry Gilliam's cut-out animations."
Lapin Kansa newspaper, 27.2.2022

"Milla Virtanen is very original creator in the field of dance art. She most certainly doesn't blend into wallpaper."
Kaleva newspaper, 19.9.2020

"Home, Wonderful Home!
"Repetition as well as lush and playful self irony ties the piece together at all levels of expression. Home Sweet Home displays crazy bursts of the moments when problems are overwhelming."
Tanssi&Teatteri+Sirkus magazine, 12.9.2020

"Highly Recommended Show"
"This highly skilled, splendid and eclectic piece really offered the perfect Finnish."
FringeReview.co.uk 25.5.2018, UK

"Fresh, Slippery Cocktail"
Volonté disturbs and interferes in a positive way. It provides stimuli and unexpected solutions, which causes pleasure of unforeseeing."
Kaleva newspaper, 19.1.2017

"Rituals Crowned by Surrendering"
"Poroporo is an installation of movement, sound, image and light, that takes the audience to the source of rapidly changing visions... Virtanen is a chameleon performer, who doesn't intrude narcissistically, but still gives a lot from herself to the audience... Poroporo is beautiful Nordic modern art... multidisciplinary piece that reflects resent time."
Kaleva newspaper, 12.4.2015

"Elegant Balancing"
"Particularly impressive is the captivating peace that fills the space. Within the peaceful space the truth giggles... Metaphors and layers peels off of the movement language, the soundscape, the light design as well as of the individual human body."
Kaleva newspaper, 18.1.2014

"Inner Journey"
"Volière combines dance theater, modern dance and animation art in an exiting way. It's a dance experience, a trip that fully captures the attention of the audience."
Kaleva newspaper 20.6.2012

"Ramona is a Woman Full of Past"
"Milla Virtanen has admirably wide and reachable movement quality. She moves between theatrical drama and pure sensitivity... Virtanen has enjoyable presence. She confronts her audience, treats and plays with them."
Kaleva newspaper 14.10.2012

"Dance comes to the skin"
"'On the Skin' performance is a perfect package... Milla Virtanen throws herself into wild and uninhibited movements. Her solo that was created to an unexpected music, Bach's first cello suite, was tuned intensely tight."
Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper, 31.1.2008

"Atmospheric experiments with Milla Virtanen"
"'99 Lashes and Six Months in a Can' is an exciting and atmospheric dance performance... The choreography and dance are nice and entertaining to watch, but where Virtanen really scores is the atmosphere. A great basis for Milla Virtanen to grow as a creator. "
TheaterCentraal, 03.10.2009, The Netherlands

"Burlesque Performance"
"Young choreographer Milla Virtanen kicks-off with a surprising performance, Taboo Boo and the Forbidden Lemonfruits... a powerful quartet that becomes a functioning ensemble."
8Weekly 10.2.2009, The Netherlands

"With Two Hands"
"Strong quartet moves on the stage fulfilling the fantasies, dreams and nightmares, of choreographers, who have moved to a new movement material. They perform with beautiful presence and admirable professionalism."
Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper, 05.10.2010

"Vexi's Life Fast-forward on a Stage"
"Definitely the most touching part of the performance was Milla Virtanen's and Aleksi Seppänen's duet that represented the end of Vexi's second marriage."
Hämeen Sanomat Newspaper, 14.9.2008

"Milla Virtanen's group scratches a little homosexuality, a bit of transsexuality, fair amount of fetishism, and a hint of sadism. They do it in a clever way, using a pure and beautiful movement material... The fetishism part was strong and ready. The exaggeration hit the nerve of the audience in an exactly right way."
Kaleva Newspaper, 19.10.2009